What are HRM Canada's Hourly rate for staffing assignments?

Temporary Staffing Fees

  • HRM Canada does not charge a retainer.
  • Candidates will either be employed by the client or provided to the client as a contract employee of HRM Canada.

HRM hourly rate:

         General Laborers                                                          $14.25/hour

         Maintenance                                                                 $14.50/hour

         Machine Operators / Fork Lift Drivers                          $15.50/hour

         Clerical / Customer Service / Receptionists                   $14.25/hour

         Network Engineer                                                        $25.50/hour

         Software Developer                                                     $63.25/hour

         Database Administrator                                                $63.25/hour

         Shift differential is included in the above rate.



For Clients wanting to place a Temp Contractor on their payroll, a flat fee of 500 hours times the employee hourly rate will be charged as a permanent staffing service fee.




  • For each Temporary staffing assignment the Client is guaranteed for the first day of work by the contractor.
  • If the Client is not completely satisfied with a contractor the client will not be charged for the first 8 hours worked by the temp and a replacement will be assigned ASAP.