What are the Fees HRM Canada charges for permanent placements?

Permanent Staffing Fee Structure


Permanent Assignments:

            Our clients have the option to choose either a Contingency or a Flat Fee whatever the client believes is most suitable for their needs.

  1. Contingency Fee

HRM standard fee is 15% of the first year’s salary for each position filled.

       2.  Flat Fee

A Flat Fee is based on the number of hours we estimate it will take to fill a position - taking into account current market conditions and/or the difficulty of the assignment.

A flat fee service is most often used for larger assignments to budget and manage expenditures in advance.

HRM standard Flat Fee is: $5,000.00 Canadian Dollars per position filled.

* HRM offers volume discounts and the fees are negotiable to meet the customer’s requirements. 

3.  Guarantee for Permanent Assignments

For Permanent assignments HRM Canada’s guarantee for each employee selected is 3 months from the start date of employment.  If anytime during this period the client is not completely satisfied, the client will receive a 75% refund or have the option of having the position replaced at no additional charge. ‘If you are not satisfied we are not satisfied’.


* For more information – Call: (416) 259-4777 or by e-mail to: hr@hrm.ca