Can an employee of our branch in Europe work on an assignment in our Toronto office?

HR Questions & Concerns

As a Human Resources Professional, Staffing Manager, Owner of the Company or the persons responsible for hiring. You may have a number of questions and concerns. We at HRM Canada would like help answer your questions. Please feel free to e-mail us and we will do our best to provide you with solutions.


Most frequently asked HR questions

    1. What does ERP mean?
    2. What type of Training and Development programs are in the market for my employees?
    3. How do I write a Job Offer Letter, do you have any examples for me to use?
    4. What are the most important details of a job ad, how do I write a job ad?
    5. I want to place an ad in the Daily Newspaper, what does agate lines mean?
    6. How do I perform back ground and reference checks and what does it mean to be bonded?
    7. What is the best way to motivate staff?
    8. I need to conduct a performance appraisal; do I require any special forms?
    9. I have a number of candidates to interview for a job, what should I ask them?
    10. How do I screen out un-qualified resumes?
    11. What does a Petroleum Engineer with 3 years of experience get paid?
    12. What is the minimum wage in Ontario?
    13. How much should I pay my new receptionist?
    14. Are we responsible for paying for lunch and breaks?
    15. We are hiring General Laborers do they require safety training before starting the job?
    16. An employee which has been on the job for 5 months is requesting time off without pay, should we oblige?
    17. What is the meaning of: Retainer, Contingent or Guarantee?
    18. I need to lower my Staffing costs what are my options?
    19. How do I choose a staffing agency?
    20. What type of compensation & benefits are mandatory for my employees?


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