I am a recent graduate and I have no work experience, how can I get work experience?

One way of developing work experience is through an internship with HRM Canada. Interning with HRM Canada is an invaluable way for graduate college/university students and new immigrants to gain hands-on Canadian practical work experience.

Benefits of working with HRM Canada:

    • Demonstrate your initiative and motivation. Instead of settling for a job that offers little career growth if any, why not challenge yourself and create opportunities that will open doors.
    • Builds your resume and portfolio with work experience. Companies will not hire without work experience or references here is your chance to build both areas of your resume.
    • Think out side the box. HRM Canada believes that work isn't just about doing a job; it is up to you to make it better. We strive on creativity and design.
    • Network and develop Leadership qualities. We believe in Networking and we promote this through the use of: trade shows, job fairs, conferences and seminars.
    • Not chained to the office. We do not expect you to always work from the Head office. However, we believe that working remotely means as long as you get your work done that’s what is most important. Checking in to the office from time to time is beneficial.
    • Experience & feedback. Our motto is that we grow and learn together, we admit learning is an ongoing process, we might not have all the answers but we're always available for advice and feedback.

Intern Positions available:

Human Resources

  • Recruiters
  • Trainers


  • Buyers
  • SCM


  • Process
  • Project M.


  • Graphics
  • Writers


  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll


    • Length of term is 3 months long.
    • Hours of work – 6 hours per day, (hours of operation 8am – 2pm, Mon – Friday)
    • More details will be provided during the initial information session.


For more information – Call: (416) 259-4777 or by e-mail to: